John M.

Dr. Unland and his staff are as caring, compassionate, and professional as it gets. They have worked together to get me, a former “”dental-phobic”” back in the dentist’s office on a regular basis for the first time in several years. They have also done the same for my son, who had a bad experience at a pediatric dentist, to the point where I was very concerned he would have a lifelong fear of going to the dentist. Dr. Unland and his hygenists worked slowly and gently to ease him back, and he now has no fear of going, because he knows Dr. Unland will be taking good care of him. 5 Stars all the way!

Jeffrey Breedlove

Ted did my vaneers 10 years ago and they still are perfect. I had to get a extraction earlier this year with no pain at all. He’s also got all the best equipment used out there. See you soon… or at least I hope not in the chair

Mincy Hines

Amazing staff and Dr. Ted Unland is funny, professional, and even works on my two small children’s teeth.

Heather Mundy

Dr. Unland and his staff are the BEST in the business! I just left from finishing my final set of SNF trays and could not possibly be happier with the AMAZING results and my now perfect smile! I owe it all to you guys! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Chris Konet

I moved to Nashville in 2000. I just looked up in the phone directry neares office and found the best dentist and the friendliest staff I have ever met. Dr. Unland feels like one of my old buddie from years ago. I visit the office at least every 6 months and the staff makes me feel at home and part of a family. I have actually sseen Dr. Unland in public and some of the staff and they knew my and and I knew theirs.. Wow! They are great and referred many friends and family.

Jeffrey B., Signal Hill: Veneers

Ted is the best dentist in Nashville! He did my vaneers in 2005 and they are still as good as the first day I got them. He doesn’t rush you or make you feel like you’re in a llld office. The office is a 10! Nice waiting area and we can’t forget the ladies who work there. Thanks Dr. Unland and the staff for a wonderful experience which I’ve never found at a dentist.